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How to Disable the TSP654IISK Taken Sensor

The TSP654IISK linerless label printer has a feature that allows it to queue new orders until the previous one is taken from the printer. This is helpful to ensure all orders are acknowledged by kitchen staff. This guide explains how to manually disable the “HoldPrint” sensor (also known as the Taken Sensor) when this function is not necessary or preferred.
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How to Reset the Auto Cutter for TSP Printers

This guide will show you how to reset the Auto Cutter of the TSP printer and return it to its original position. If the printer experiences sudden power loss or paper jams, the cutter may not retract properly, preventing the printer's upper cover from opening or closing correctly.
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How to setup a TSP800ii for label printing

If you're looking to set up your TSP800ii printer for label printing, you're in the right place! Label printing is a great way to print customized labels for your business, whether you need to label products, packages, or shipping materials.
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How to setup a TSP700II for label printing

The TSP700II is a versatile and reliable printer that can be used for a variety of printing applications, including label printing. Setting up the TSP700II for label printing is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps.
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