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How to setup a TSP800ii for label printing

If you’re looking to set up your TSP800ii printer for label printing, you’re in the right place! Label printing is a great way to print customized labels for your business, whether you need to label products, packages, or shipping materials.
Follow these simple steps to set up your TSP800ii printer for label printing:

  1. Check your printer settings: Before you start, make sure your TSP800ii printer is properly configured for label printing. Check that the paper size is set to the correct label size you will be using. You can check the paper size by accessing the printer properties in your computer’s control panel.
  2. Install the label software: You’ll need to install label printing software on your computer to create and print your labels. There are many software options available, such as BarTender or ZebraDesigner, that are compatible with the TSP800ii printer.
  3. Create your label design: Once you have installed the label software, you can create your label design by adding text, graphics, and other elements. Make sure to adjust the label size to match the label size you will be printing on.
  4. Connect the printer: Connect your TSP800ii printer to your computer using the USB or Ethernet cable provided. Make sure the printer is turned on and ready to print.
  5. Print your label: Once you have created your label design, you can print it using your TSP800ii printer. Simply select the TSP800ii printer from the printer menu in your label software and click “Print”. Your printer will automatically feed the label stock and print your label.

By following these steps, you can easily set up your TSP800ii printer for label printing. Remember to check your printer settings, install the label software, create your label design, connect the printer, and print your label. With these simple steps, you’ll be printing customized labels in no time!

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