TSP143 Printer Series

Star Micronics manufactures a wide range of printers for Point-of-Sale as well as industry specific solutions

The TSP143 Range – Versatile, Reliable, Cost Effective

The TSP143III thermal printer is the faster, easier, and better POS printing solution for Australian businesses.

Already a leading player in the mPOS market, Star Micronics’ TSP143III printer is offered with  multiple connection options – WLAN (WIFI), LAN (Ethernet), Bluetooth Wireless, or USB interface – for an easy-to-use and ready-to-go installation.

The newest TSP143 released is the TSP143IV CLOUD version – features enhanced connectivity with Ethernet LAN and USB-C ports for Windows, Linux and MacOS devices as well as USB-A for connecting Android tablets and mobile devices. 

The TSP143III offers a web configuration page for the WLAN and LAN models, a simpler way for all devices to connect to the WLAN printer for setup with AP mode.

The TSP143III Bluetooth version has an easy pairing connection and a “plug-and-play” USB connection.

The TSP143III USB version also has a USB serial number feature, so the PC detects the TSP143IIIU on its Windows platform using any USB port.

The new thermal receipt printer is an upgrade of the TSP100, printing at almost twice the speed with a special anti-curl paper function.  TSP143III ‘s are  fully compatible with previous versions, requiring no additional integration or development.

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