STAR’s HOTTEST Printer Ever – the all new
TSP654IISK Sticky Label Printer


The TSP654IISK is the fastest liner-less printer in its class at 180mm/sec – nothing else gets near it!

What’s Included :

TAKEN SENSOR – this enables the printer to hold the order or label until it is taken, so the user can start a virtual assembly line labelling cups, boxes and containers.

INCLUSIVE WARRANTY BONUS – We provide a “no questions asked” warranty on all components, except breakage of plastic parts – with the proviso that ONLY approved & prescribed labels are used with your printer . Compare this to competitors who regard the cutter as a consumable item or delimit the warranty to 12 months on the power supply or interface.

Our competitors, simply sell you a printer and tell you to find your own media or consumables – we deliver to you and support a FULL solution including the means to buy consumables at around 50% less than our competitors; PLUS we hold your hand throughout the entire process!

With the production of liner-less labels there is
no limit to the size or length of a label
that you can produce

Label more than 2,000 coffee cups for less than


With liner-less labels, the reduction in price saves your business not only in running costs but also maximises your businesses efficiency and accuracy helping you serve more customers, which in turn puts more dollars back in your pocket!

This technology allows your customers orders to print exactly how they put them in, minimising any potential errors due to rekeying or editing

The liner-less labels full adhesive backing ensures the order stays stuck on the bag or carton while it progresses through to the kitchen and out on the road, safe-guarding you and your business from any issues caused by dockets that fall off.

No more slippery liners on your busy back of house floors that can cause accidents with your employees.

Supported Software

The Star TSP654IISK can run with virtually any software packages sold in Australia and the most widely used
delivery software

ALL operate flawlessly with the TSP654IISK

Works With


TSP654IISK Features

The TSP654IISK liner-free label printer is designed to work with liner-free labeling applications.

Repositionable thermal labels can stick to virtually any surface, and can be removed easily and reapplied leaving behind no residue.

The liner-free labels are an alternative to using silicone-lined labels or tape. New to the TSP654IISK is the addition of the Taken Sensor, which enables the printer to hold print jobs until the first print job is taken.

  • Repositionable, liner-free thermal label solution combined with MAXStick labels
  • Improves order accuracy up to 99%
  • Liner-free yields 60% more labels/roll than diecut
  • 80mm and 58mm paper support
  • High reliability and performance at a low cost
  • Optional Label Table for Wet Areas
  • MAXStick Labels included
  • Manufacturers Loyalty Rebate on future label purchases

Since they do not use silicone liners, liner-free labels eliminate negative environmental impact and help cut back on in-house waste.

This continues the Star Micronics Global Green Initiative which encompasses manufacturing products that provide minimal impact on our environment.

Environmentally Friendly


Liner-free labels are a welcomed addition for quick service restaurants (QSR) applications, from drive-through service to self-service deli applications.

The liner-free labels can be used for an exception sandwich only or the entire order by attaching it to the bag. The labels can stay with and track an order through the entire preparation process, improving both drive-through, and takeout order accuracy, and creating a better bottom line.

The labels also maintain image integrity because they are engineered to preserve thermal images in applications where heat lamps or exposure to direct heat is used.

Includes, Accessories & Labels

Label Table for Wet Areas

The Star Label Table together with TSP654IISK printer is designed to operate flawlessly in wet areas like coffee or drink prep locations.

The design protects printer and labels against capillary liquid intrusion or spills.

MAXStick Linerless Labels

MAXStick labels are the exclusive prescribed Linerless labels for the Star TSP654IISK printer. After undergoing extensive testing by our engineers, we partnered with them to deliver the perfect linerless labelling solution for your business.

Wall Mounting Bracket Included


The Star TSP654IISK Wall mountable bracket comes included with the printer.

No need for add-on purchase!

TSP654IISK Specifications

MAXStick Linerless Label Support Improves order accuracy up to 99%
High Reliability MCBF: 60 Million Lines; Guillotine Auto Cutter: 1 Million Cuts
Small Foot Print Save precious counter space
“Drop In & Print” Paper Loading Clamshell design allows for very fast and easy paper loading
Swappable Interface Connections Future interface upgrades are fast and simple to do. With swappable interfaces, there’s no need to purchase a new printer just to upgrade the connection
Recessed Cable Connections Helps protect cables from being damaged on the counter top
Horizontal or Vertical Orientation Use the printer in the orientation that suits you best. An optional eye-pleasing vertical stand (VS-T650) is available for vertical operation.
Wall Mountable Need more counter space? Create more room by mounting the printer to the wall
Wall Mounting Bracket Included in box
MAXStick Labels Includes Single Roll MAXStick Linerless Label
Logo Utility Store logos and other graphics for professional receipt branding
Memory Switch Utility Fine-tune your print outs or print in different languages by enabling, changing, or disabling certain settings
Ethernet Interface Set Up Utility Setting up and configuring an ethernet printer has never been more quick and easy!
ECO Features Recommended MAXStick Labels 100% BP-Free, No Residue, Recyclable
Drivers Windows 7,8,10; OPOS; JavaPOS SDK Support for iOS, Android, & Windows; Star IO SDK for iOS & Android; CUPS Driver (Linux, MAC OS) —[Check this]
What’s included in the Box Star Loyalty Rebate on future MAxStick Labels rolls; 1 Roll Maxstick Labels; Wall Mounting Bracket
Options Splash Proof cover
Warranty 12 months – users register free for 3 years [check this]
Part Numbers TBC
For further information Sales Call +612 8788 1500 or Contact Us

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