A4 Printing Solutions

Star Micronics manufactures a wide range of printers for Point-of-Sale as
well as industry specific solutions

A4 Printing

The new scalable raster driver available on certain thermal printers within the Star range provides the ability to format an A4 or smaller page or screen image in the same way as a standard PC printer and then print that image on to 112mm or even 80mm wide paper.
TSP828-Thermal-receipt-PrinterThis is ideal for applications where previously A4 paper was required, but now much narrower and therefore more economical paper can be used. Ideal

applications include:

  1. Internet printing
  2. Kiosk Printing
  3. Hotel receipting
  4. Delivery Notes
  5. CCTV image dumping

TSP800 Series

Versatile wide-format (112mm) printer capable of printing high quality receipts with a print speed of 150mm per second. Also includes high speed processor, two colour output, autocutter as standard and choice of paper widths (112mm, 82.5mm or 80mm). Also a barcode / label and ticket printer, capable of scaling A4 pages on to 112mm paper using the Star Scalable Raster Driver.

TSP700 Series

High performance , easy-load, super-fast receipt printer (180mm / sec) with high speed processor, two colour output, autocutter as standard and choice of paper widths (80mm standard, 82.5 or 58mm options). Also capable of printing barcodes / labels and tickets at 180mm per second. Scalable raster driver available

TSP650 Series 

High quality, low cost receipt printer with easy-load, 100mm / sec print speed, 80mm or 58mm paper widths, two colour output and high speed processor for fast throughput. Available with autocutter or tear bar. Scalable raster driver available.

Star TSP650 and TSP700 thermal printers are also able to scale A4 / screen output using the Star Scalable Raster Driver. However, please be aware that if too much data is reduced, the result may be too small to be legible.

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